Our business:
to explain, demonstrate, and convince

Building or restoring trust between decision-makers, companies,
institutions and their stakeholders or public opinions requires communication.
“You must explain who you are and what you do to be convincing.
A good image cannot be bought; it has to be earned.”

Editorial influence

Press relations are central to our business. We advise our clients in developing and publicizing their message in order to increase visibility and influence. Press relations are key to gaining notoriety, credibility and leadership.

We are involved in B2B and B2C operations and have long term expertise in the main communication channels in Europe and Africa. This way we can support our clients in their commercial development as well as in managing their image or brand.

As a content producer with a large sphere of influence, 35°Nord has access to all national, Pan-African, and international media.

Digital influence

The Internet and social media networks have magnified the distribution of information, ideas, and values. They increasingly structure public debate and can instantly deliver a message in order to advocate or respond.

With its superior digital content, 35°Nord enables its clients to get a head start on African affairs around the world.

In cooperation with our editorial consultants, our team of community managers continuously and reactively manages our clients’ social media profiles.

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Institutional influence

Institutional influence is essential in advocating for a cause or promoting an action. As long as initial contact is made in a climate of trust and with solid arguments, an effective leverage can be obtained. At 35° Nord we encourage our clients in creating favorable contexts and building strong relations to achieve significant results.

Credibility of content and confidence in the action are the two keys to winning support.

In Brussels, 35°Nord offers with Lysios Public Affairs consulting services in public affairs and strategic communication between Europe and Africa: EurAfrica.

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