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Traditionally one of the most dynamic sectors in Africa, banking and finance continues to drive the continent’s growth. Banks are increasingly financing the real economy, while the technological revolution has led to the emergence of new fintech players. Capital investment funds represent an alternative to bank financing for companies with strong potential.

Over the years, 35°Nord has developed cutting-edge expertise in this key sector of African economies, with banks, fintech and investment funds. More specifically, the agency helps its clients define their positioning and deploy their advocacy strategies to finance the real economy and the emergence of true African capitalism.


As the last continent in the world to reach this crucial stage of economic development, Africa is at the dawn of an unprecedented industrial transformation. The accelerated installation of infrastructure is a promise that the continent will deepen its integration into global value chains. At the same time, businesses that process raw materials are multiplying, especially in the mining industry, promising to create more jobs and added value locally.

35°Nord provides its clients in the industrial sector with a contextualized interpretation of highly sensitive communications challenges they may have to face. We provide advice for several types of situations: implementation of communication basics with local, national, and international stakeholders, crisis and crisis prevention, internal communications, community relations, etc.


Bolstered by Africa’s dynamic demographics, the continent’s consumer goods sector is booming. Several international players have identified the African middle class as a key growth market. Companies in this sector need to understand consumer concerns, not only about the quality of their products but also on ethical and environmental issues.

At 35° Nord through the communications strategies we define and implement, we provide an African context for the challenges our clients in that sector may face. We also help them define the message and relevancy of their African strategy.


Africa’s growth in the 21st century will depend mostly on the growth of service companies, in sectors as varied as mobile phones, education, media and even tourism. In a context of mass urbanization and growing use of new technologies, services will also be one of the top job-creating sectors for African youth.

In that sector, 35°Nord has developed a unique expertise, especially in the fields of education and media.

The public sector
and institutions

A quiet revolution is underway in the public sector in Africa. African administrations are committed to creating a business climate that is favorable to foreign investments. We also notice a rejuvenation of senior civil service with many employees coming from the private sector, some of whom left promising careers abroad to commit to serving their countries.

For its institutional clients, 35°Nord provides an additional scope of execution with a level of requirement matching the ambitions of these administrations. In addition, by carrying out the operational methods of private stakeholders, we can properly define the right messages to be conveyed.

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