Our strategic choice:

The future of
the world is in Africa

In a state of powerful and rapid transformation, Africa has been the focus of most 21st-century challenges: climate, environment and energy, population and urbanization, creation and distribution of wealth and the digitalization of economies

Africa also has all the advantages to become the new target market of world growth: a young and active population, quick adoption of new technologies, a developing economy, an abundance of natural resources and a new generation of decision-makers to name a few. These are tangible realities that will help Africa take off quickly.

The heart of the agency
lies in Africa

35°Nord connects Africa and Europe, serving as a bridge to understand communication codes, decipher reading methods and take action on influencing opinions on both continents. Our extensive expertise of media channels provides leverage for decision-makers and brands that wish to invest in Africa. We help them in successfully establishing their presence on the continent and contribute to their development.

35°Nord also strives to echo the developments currently affecting relations between the two continents with entangled histories. In Europe , our team strives to broadcast the reality of Africa’s profound transformation, far removed from simplistic and caricatural image tainted by compassion and pity. We believe in presenting the new face of Africa and re-establishing a narrative that would strengthen mutual interests.

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